"Yesterday I had a very interesting Skype call with his contact at Trees and Food for Africa. They are well connected with corporate SA and they are very enthusiastic about the promotion. So: WBN WORKS...!!!"
Camille van Gestel
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"WBN is a fast growing structure that has loads to offer, mentoring, inspiring and a fertile patch for new business."
Sudha Hamilton
National Sales Manager WellBeing Magazine


"New friends, new business alliances & new clients. Thank you."
Greg Meyer
License director Link Up international

How We Work

Want to become a part of a bigger game?

Since 2002 we've been working with professionals in all areas of business internationally to help them to create the personal & professional connections they may be looking for.

Step get invited! Come on board as guest to some of our events. Ask yourself "What is a game worth playing and what am I ready for now?"

Self response - ability... Have you noticed that things are changing? How you respond to the growing global challenges depends on how response-able you are. Some of our paradigms may no longer work, so its time to change. We are one of the few networks worldwide offering a unique approach to leadership and organizational thinking to create common-wealth thru synergy.

Step get involved... Imagine coming on board the ark! Whether you want to be part of the crew and get involved or choose to be a passenger and enjoy connecting with the other passengers. Depending on your skills and understanding you will find your way of contribution. The key is leading from inspiration rather than pressure.

Adapt to new ways of thinking... Within the WBN today it's about creating long term, mutually rewarding relationships, teaching principles and practices of empowerment to adapt for the challenges of the 21st century.

Step become a player... We are looking to connect, support and network individuals who share powerful visions, projects and principles. Come and join our dynamic and inspiring networking & learning environments. Access your own creative genius, leaving with techniques and strategies to deal with the challenges and expansion of your business.

What WBN members have experienced:

"Imagine the time you'll save and the headaches you'll avoid by working with others who some of the best in their fields are... Creating a world to which people want to belong".

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