Our Vision & Mission

"When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people." -- Chinese Proverb

The WBN aims to provide an international network of highly switched on people to create a world to which people want to belong. It's purpose is to inspire, educate and prosper through creative networking using the principles of synergy.

To help people to create the personal & professional connections they may be seeking within a holistically minded environment.
To inform & educate members about topics  relevant to their personal or
professional lives.

To research, support and develop sustainable lifestyles
To build an international community of like minded individuals.

To heighten each members unique contribution and gifts.

View our Vision Movie below:

We like to thank afro latin funk band Mantanza for their music (from the
album 'HOT") & the following photographers for their contribution:
Piotr Bizior                    - www.bizior.com
Rurik Tullio,
Bimbo Cabochan,
Obraprima                   - www.obraprima.ppq.br
Markus Bielhal            - www.westausgang.de
AdalbertoTostes         - www.ventonegro.com.br
Will Thomas                - www.willsunphoto.com
Dave Di Biase             - www.spyral-productions.com
Rupert Hennen           - www.ruperthennen.com
Jyn Meyer                     - www.jynmeyer.com
Thad Zajdowicz          - www.jpmag.com/people
Vinicius Sgarbe          - www.sqarbe.com
Nick Benjaminsz,
Benjamin Earwicker  - www.garrisonphoto.com
Kashfia Rahman


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